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Due to the nature of Northstar headsets, each headset is going to be unique. This means that they'll need to be calibrated so that the image will appear properly 3D on the headset, as small differences between the screen placement and optical elements can break the 3D effect if not properly compensated for.


I'm visualizing a three.js tool that allows you to select the variant & 3D printed parts from a clean GUI (scrollable vertical menu for part list, and a horizontal tab bar for variant selection). It'd be cool if we could compile print times as well, but that's definitely a stretch goal.

The most difficult part to print is the Optics Bracket as it has tall thin structures that hold the optical combiner in place. We've found the best filament type to be PLA+ which you can find from brands like PolyTerra, which are especially good if you want to have an eco-friendly Northstar headset. 🍃

There are a handful of different variants of Northstar headsets you can print, the latest stable version being the Deck X or Northstar 3.1.

Northstar v4.0 is also available, however the files are still in development, so we only recommend using that version if you're comfortable with rapid changes over time. You can learn more about the different variants of Project Northstar on our documentation site.

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Photo Credit, Rebecca Rodriguez of MIT Resource Development